The Horse and Art Research initiative is a unique residency program for those interested in combining equine knowledge and visual arts. We are looking for artists, art historians and researchers, who are interested in horses and the place of the horse in art, however we also welcome riders, who are not artists but are open for it. The short (1 or 2 week duration) intensive summer courses include theory, lectures, talks and discussions, daily practice and lessons of horsemanship, horsearchery and riding, as well as there is an opportunity to make studio based work.

We began from the point that riding is art. The representation of man and horse developed in parallel in the history of art, with horses appearing repeatedly in contemporary art too. Therefore we thought we would initiate an international discourse around the Horse and Art. The interest was greater, than we expected and after the success of the program in 2015, we decided to continue the project with the aim of further depth. We plan to organise the program regularly with different research themes each year. It is our intention to offer the opportunities for artists with practices coming from both western- and eastern traditions and to open up connections for artists, riders and researchers internationally with the possibility of developing professional collaborations. We would also like to explore points of connection between equine culture, art and sustainable development issues. 

The first Horse and Art program was held in August 2015 in Barnag with international participants. Artists from nine countries arrived with different kinds of art backgrounds, such as fine art, design and contemporary dance. We organise the program yearly since. For each program we can offer places for up to ten participants. Accommodation is offered in traditional yurts in rural settings. In our new Lovarda Galéria (Arena Gallery) there is the possibility to make exhibitions. For participation the knowledge of English language is necessary.

Artistic leader of the project: Szmrecsányi-
Veszely Beáta, artist and researcher
Leader of equine theory and training: Szmrecsányi Márton, horse trainer and horsearcher

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